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Published Writings, Program Notes, and Essays:

“A.I.D.S.  Recollections, Cinema, and Hope.”  Published in    O  virus-cinema:  Cinema queer e VIH /sida.  Translated into Portuguese for Queer Lisboa, 2018, by Joao Ferreira.

“The Interminable Examination of the Work of Jack Smith” (2018)

“Uncovering The Underground World of Jack Smith” (2017)

Program Note for Premiere Screening, Anthology Film Archives, (2017)

“Okay. We’re making progress.”  Howard Guttenplan: A Memento (2015)  

Notes on A Short History of the Future  (2013)

“This is Just What I Expected!” (2013)

Notes From the Homo, Underground  (2003)

“A Statement of Outrage Against American Assimilationists Who Practice Appeasement of Hetero Terror in the Wake of A.I.D.S.Genocide in the United States”  (2001)

“The Perfect Queer Appositeness of Jack Smith” (2001)

“Restoration and Slavery” (1997)

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