No News/Good News

If you got this far and are a migrant from my Facebook page, congrats. I realize that it took several steps. If you want to keep up with this site there’s one more thing you have to do and that is to “Follow” the blog. There should be a button for that on the right hand side of the pages.

One big difference between FB and this kind of personal space is that we have to come up with our own writing about issues.  We can post links, of course, but our  comments require a bit of effort to materialize.
So by way of introducing this conversation, I have to say that I not only feel violated by the illegitimate use of Facebook data, but even more outraged by the blase attitude that Zuckerburg displayed around the Russian involvement. His refusal to appear before a Congressional Committee puts him in bed with Trump and those of his vile ilk.  Yet he was ok meeting with the head of Russian security.
Obviously I didn’t vote for Trump as a result of the intrusion. But it’s appalling to recall all those idiotic phony FB stories like “Pope endorses Trump,” which became DISTRACTIONS from the real conversation.  They took advantage of our time and attention. I resent the fact that we are being used as pawns by FB and corporate conglomerates.

OK. That’s it for my first rant.  I’m soongoing to post a photo album of images from my Berlin trip. Now it’s your turn to comment, rant, or post anew.

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